What we do


We sell used workboots to tradies. We source boots from our network of big builders, who work with us to help get them away from then bin and back into use.  If you can't donate to us, quite often we purchase boots at varying prices depending on the condition, clean them and on-sell. We are not affiliated or endorsed with any boot brands. We donate 15% of our turnover, not profit... to This Is a Conversation Starter Foundation, which focus on suicide prevention in the construction industry- and to help get disadvantaged lads back into work and life. The rest of the money goes into running our site, marketing to customers and to personally help get young guys back into the workforce through labouring jobs with our contacts.

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There are thousands of trades professionals in Australia who can't afford to spend $260+ on new work boots. We help people on a budget, we help young people who are trying to get back into the workforce and we work with charities who help men with mental health awareness in the construction industry. But most of all, why let a good pair of boots go to waste? 

The Background


A group of Melbourne tradies got together one day over a beer and started spinning yarns. One of these yarns was how hard it was to throw away your old faithful work boots each year. So they wondered who they could donate boots to.... turns out there weren't many options.

It just seemed so wrong that a group of 12 chippies just binned their boots.

So, after even more beers, they thought wouldn't it be a great idea if you could spruce up the discarded boots, sell them via an online store, then donate useful money to a charity that deals in men's mental health in the construction industry- and also perhaps help a few guys back into the workforce!

And here it is- you're looking at it.

In the first 4 days of putting up a website and instagram account, we sold 9 pairs of boots to everyone from struggling apprentices who can't afford new ones, through to dudes who collect work boots. Hell, we don't judge, we'll take your donations and we'll pass them on thanks! :)

One of those blokes happens to have a well known name- Channel 10 TV host, Walt Collins. So you're about to see us take off. As they say, watch this space :)

Who do we support?


We donate 15% of all our turnover to This is a Conversation Starter, an initiative set up by TradeMutt, that connects young construction workers with live, fully qualified, crisis experienced psychologists who can initiate a conversation via SMS, then a phone call. It is an incredibly important but brand new charity that is helping to address the over representation of young men's suicide rates in the construction industry.

The others


We will work with private and other lesser known community organisations who reach out to us for donations of work boots, PPE and high vis, to assist them in getting young men and women out of addiction and homelessness and into labouring jobs- utilising our connections to construction and our donated goods. We're not world-changers, but every bit helps and we will do our bit.


“Honestly, there was one scuff on the bump cap, otherwise they were as good as new and I ended up paying less than half price” Michael, Plumber, Marsden Park, NSW


“Thought I'd give it a go, Id never thought about second hand boots but I had a few bills last month so couldnt justify the big spend. I'm really stoked.” Cade, Noble Park, VIC


“I'm an engineer and just felt stupid walking onto a huge site in front of tradies with squeaky clean boots, so i just got these because the looked worn in enough” Tim, Underwood, QLD