Why preowned?


It's heart breaking when you're a tradie to throw away your old faithful boots! They've weathered storms with you, they've imagined meeting your non-paying clients, they've been to the pub, climbed ladders and driven in your ute with you.  Well, we'll take em! 

A new pair can set you back over $230+. Some blokes want their boots to look worn in and worked hard, so they don't encounter New Boot Bullying... and some apprentices can't afford newbies and they too don't want shiny new boots to start a new site with.

Through our partnerships with big job sites, we source workboots from real tradies and give them a second life, getting them back on site and back into hard work. They're nicely worn in, come in all sizes and styles and we'll save you a heap of cash buying new.

Don't be that guy on site with squeaky clean boots- buy used, look the part and spend less.

The Background


A group of Melbourne mates who happen to be tradies (including Channel 10 TV host, Walt Collins),  got together one day over a beer and started spinning yarns. One of these yarns was how hard it was to throw away your old faithful work boots each year. So they wondered who they could donate boots to.... turns out there weren't many options.

It just seemed so wrong that 12 chippies just binned their boots, 24 lonely, loyal boots thrown away.

So, after even more beers, they thought wouldn't it be a great idea if you could spruce up the discarded boots, sell them via an online store, then donate useful money to a charity that deals in men's mental health in the construction industry- and also perhaps help a few guys back into the workforce!

And here it is- you're looking at it.

In the first 4 days of putting up a website and instagram account, we sold 13 pairs of boots to everyone from struggling apprentices who can't afford new ones, a bloke in New Zealand, through to dudes who collect boots! Hell, we don't judge, we'll take your donations and we'll pass them on thanks! :)

So you're about to see us take off and do some good things. As they say, watch this space :)


We'd love you to donate your work boots to us!

We need work boots of all sizes and conditions to help meet the demand for customers. Consider us before you bin them!

Think they're too trashed? Try us :)


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